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Aurora Labs - Travel to the Arctic differently

Aurora Labs is the story born out of two great passions: Northern Lights and Science.

Aurora Labs strives to become the best known expert in the field of the Northern Lights, and to bring its passion to life for you, whether you are a tourist coming to the Arctic on your holiday to try to meet the beautiful Lady Aurora in the wilderness of the Arctic, or if you want to scientifically know this phenomenon, in all its beauty and detail.

And because in a science lab we can always do more, Aurora Labs has designed all its activities in a tailor-made manner, so that you can contemplate, and even listen to the Northern Lights, which is unique in the world, but also for you to be able to explore the immensity of the Arctic night sky or of the entire Universe, and even unravel the secrets of weather during a workshop.

The key concept behind Aurora Labs' activities is to associate the discovery of Arctic phenomena with the scientific knowledge of an expert, in a fun and qualitative way.

And with Aurora Labs you are even able to go further and have your new Northern Lights scientific skills certified, by taking part in a fun test, or in an in-depth exam.

All our activities are offered to small groups of tourists who wish to avoid mass tourism and favour niche tourism, in order to discover our region in an authentic way, which preserves its true Arctic rhythm.


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Aurora Labs Logo

Sergiu - CEO, Arctic Guide & Northern Lights Hunter

Hello! I am Sergiu, a Northern Lights hunter and Arctic guide and lover. In fact, my love for this region of the World is so intense, that I decided to create Aurora Labs here in Arctic Norway, in order to induce, at least part of this love, to you.

Here is my story.

I am a scientist, who has been involved in studying and working in Chemistry and Physics for more than 20 years. And, as everyone else, I have dreams. One of these dreams however, needed fulfilment, and was more intense than all others.

My Arctic story begins in 2004, during my University years in Romania, when I received, as a gift, a travel magazine about Norway. The last 4 pages of this magazine were dedicated to Northern Norway. Something strange happened that moment - it was the only thing I could think or talk about, for months. It was impossible at that time to travel to Norway, especially due to financial reasons.

Time has passed, and a few years later, I was accepted as scientific researcher in France and the UK, and, for the first time, it became possible for me to travel to Northern Norway during the Polar Night.

I can't describe what I felt the first time I was out in the wilderness, under the shadows of the polar night. I had a vision. I realised what my strongest wish is in this life was: to be able to move and live in the Arctic Norway. It is where I felt best... ever! The beauty of the Arctic, the Northern Lights, the vastness and the tranquillity, the winds, the light, the silence... all have created a perfect mixture in my head, and I needed and wished to be able to call all of this "home". My next home.

I started learning Norwegian by myself. I knew that I wanted to live in Northern Norway, and I wanted to understand the language of the people living under the Northern Lights.

My visit to Vadsų has marked me for life. I was in a place which I realized that I never wanted to leave. When I had to return back to the south, after a week, a part of me remained there in the north. The beauty of Vadsų and of the whole of Varanger, the remoteness yet ease of getting there, the landscape, the people, the tranquillity... everything! Everything vividly stayed in my memory and called me back. It was like living a dream. And I clearly knew that I wanted to come back... I wanted to come back home.

I want to make you feel the same. Or at least a bit of what I feel about the Arctic, about the Aurora, about Northern Norway. I have been a tourist here as well, just like you. I know what it means to travel to such a remote place and not to get to see the Northern Lights due to bad weather, for example. I have been through that. This is why, during the last 2 years I have designed the activities that I'd like you to experience in such a way, as to make the best in trying to spot the amazing Lights and to even experience them differently, if it is not finally possible to see them. Yes, with Aurora Labs you get to experience the Aurora even in summer! All my activities will make you feel closer to nature, closer to the Arctic, closer to Earth, closer to the whole Universe. We live in an AMAZING place. Why not know it better? I can help you with that :)

I will be accompanying and guiding you on any adventure you book with Aurora Labs. I can't wait to offer you information about Varanger, about Finnmark, about the magnificent Northern Lights or about... well... anything Arctic-related! Should you have any questions, even before booking a trip, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'll be glad to help!