Arctic Stargazing



Discover the Night Sky from the Arctic perspective


Learn to find stars and constellations in the Night Sky


See galaxies and planets through a telescope (if weather permits)


Learn how stars can help you in your daily life

Look one thousand years back in the past


Hear stories and myths about stars and constellations

The Night Sky amazed people since thousands of years ago. Today, discover all that the Night Sky can tell you. And this, right here, in the Arctic, where the power of the complete darkness and the different perspective of the zenith are at its best! Learn to find stars and constellations, as well as see planets and galaxies through a telescope (if the weather allows). Discover how stars can help you in your daily life! Hear the myths behind constellations during a storytelling session right under the Milky Way and let the Northern Lights enhance your stargazing experience!
The Night Sky is amazing and full of mysteries. To really enjoy and experience its beauty in its purest form, we will drive to a completely dark spot, far away from any city lights. Varanger is one of the best places on Earth to observe the Night Sky, as there are so few settlements - thus lights, and far away one from another. This ensures a low air pollution, which contributes to a clearer view of the sky. The Milky Way passes just above, and it is clearly visible!

To really experience the Night Sky, the best is to actually know what you are looking at! We, at Aurora Labs, love the Night Sky, and have looked at it lots of times and we are quite experienced when it comes to finding a certain star or to answering certain questions related to stars or other celestial bodies.

During this activity we will answer awkward questions, such as: "is it possible to see in the past?" And, the answer - which is "yes" - is even more awkward than the question, isn't it?

We will try to see different constellations, some of them being observable exclusively from the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth. We will teach you how to find Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Lyra, Orion or the North Star. We also have a few legends about the constellations that we'll share with you.

You will be able, if weather permits, to look at the Night Sky through our telescope. On very clear nights, it is possible to see the Andromeda Galaxy, which is kilometres away... You will also see other planets from our Solar System, like Mars, Jupiter (along with its moons) or Saturn, or even the Moon (should they be in the right alignment on their orbit around the Sun, to make them viewable of course!)

We will also teach you how to use Sky maps, which will aid you in the finding of a certain object in the sky at any time, from anywhere. You will learn how to orient yourself, if you ever get lost and you have no compass with you (not that that'll happen)! And we will teach you other useful stuff so that you can impress your friends with your new Astronomy skills when you'll be back home!

Oh, and one more thing... you might have already seen the Night Sky. But imagine seeing it through the Northern Lights!

This activity runs only in winter. But, during summer, you can still experience our Universe by spotting clouds or by watching the Sun with a telescope equipped with a solar filter. After all, the Sun is a star, just like the other thousands of stars you see in the night sky, so why not observe it with a telescope, too?!

Please note that the telescope is fragile equipment and therefore cannot be used in bad weather conditions. This is why the telescope observation is complimentary when the weather permits.

📆 Period:
From October 1 to March 20
🕗 Start time:
after dark
📌 Pick-up/Drop-off:
Your accommodation in Varanger
About 2h30
🚸 Activity type:
Group (2-7 persons)
Private (1-7 persons)
🚶 Difficulty:


Base price* 1290 NOK

*Base price includes:
- picking you up and dropping you off at your accommodation,
- transportation during the whole activity,
- taking part in the activity,
- observation and discovery of the Night Sky's stars, constellations, galaxies and other Sky objects,
- photographing the night sky,
- looking through the telescope (weather depending),
- legends and myths about stars and constellations,
- a hot beverage during a stop in the wilderness

*Base price does not include:
- extras mentioned on the price breakdown,
- snacks,
- other special equipment you might need,
- personal expenses