Hear the Aurora


Hear the Northern Lights, even in summer or under a cloudy sky


Experience the Aurora in an atypical way


Listen to Earth's own natural radio station

Hear sounds of the Universe


Scientifically understand the source of these sounds


Discover the native peoples' beliefs concerning the Auroral sounds

The Northern Lights are in the Sky regardless of the weather or season, thus even in summer or when the sky is covered by clouds. Under these circumstances it is just not possible to see them.
...But you can hear them with specialized equipment! Become a "radio amateur" in the search of tuning in Earth's natural radio station, listening to the Universe's sounds or even maybe the Auroral chorus! Learn to explain these sounds scientifically, just like scientists do; learn also to explain them mythically, just like the ancient people did!
There are scientific studies that try to explain the fact that the Northern Lights displays also produce a specific sound. Apart from these scientific claims, here in the Arctic region, there are also stories about eerie sounds that are always associated with the Aurora. Among others, Inuit folklore says it's the sound of the spirits of the dead!

The best part is that the Auroral sounds should be heard with the aid of a specialised equipment, even if the weather is cloudy and the actual Lights are hidden above the clouds! So there is no weather restriction if trying to hear the Northern Lights! We can even do it in summertime, when here we have the sun in the sky even at midnight! The Northern Lights are still there, it's just that we can't see them because of the bright sky!

But anyway... Are these studies and stories just myths? Or is it just a psychological thing in peoples' heads? Why not find out for yourself, by joining our Hear the Aurora activity, where we will drive in the wilderness, and try to tune in to the live "radio station" that is created naturally by the Earth and the Lights themselves!

The Auroral chorus or other sounds of the Universe, are just a few of the scheduled "programmes" on Earth's own natural radio station. We will try to explain together what we are hearing and we will also review what the ancient people believed!

What side will *you* take - science or mythology ? (...Or why not both?)

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📆 Period:
all year round
🕗 Start time:
📌 Pick-up/Drop-off:
Your accommodation in Varanger
About 2h
🚸 Activity type:
Group (2-7 persons)
Private (1-7 persons)
🚶 Difficulty:


Base price* 1290 NOK

*Base price includes:
- picking you up and dropping you off at your accommodation,
- transportation during the whole activity,
- taking part in the activity,
- scientific explanations concerning the natural sounds you are hearing,
- listening to the natural radio station with our specialized device,
- a hot beverage during a stop in the wilderness

*Base price does not include:
- extras mentioned on the price breakdown,
- snacks,
- other special equipment you might need,
- personal expenses