Hunt the Aurora



Scientifically maximize the possibility to see the Aurora

Hunt the Aurora professionally, even in cloudy weather


Learn to photograph the Northern Lights (even with your phone)


Discover the Northern Lights scientifically


Stop for a hot drink in the Arctic wilderness


Learn how to hunt the Aurora yourself

This activity is created for those who would like to become, even for a day, an authentic Northern Lights hunter. Let science and your emotions guide you into discovering the elusive Lights, even if the sky is completely cloudy and seeing the Aurora seems hopeless. Avoid disappointment by not seeing the Aurora during the rather short period you're here up North, and let a professional help you maximize your chances of seeing the magical Northern Lights in the winter Arctic Sky! Capture your memories in cool photos, which you will also learn how to take, while having a hot drink in the darkness of the Arctic Night!
Winters in Finnmark are perfect for seeing the elusive Northern Lights! However, seeing the Lights is not as easy as anyone would believe, even though Varanger is situated exactly on the Kp = 0 Auroral Oval (the place on Earth where the probability of seeing the Aurora is at its maximum). In function of the weather and the solar activity, it is often necessary to chase the Northern Lights - that is, to move around the region and try and get a glimpse of the Lights through a cloud clearing. Timing and location are important - and a professional guide knows when and where the best time and spot might be!

We at Aurora Labs, monitor the weather forecast and the auroral activity and will try our best to take you to an ideal spot, and we do our best so that you could see the Northern Lights in all their beauty. As there's not a specific place where the Northern Lights will show up, there's no specific route or starting time for this tour - we may basically go anywhere around the region, in function of the current weather and auroral forecasts. The trip may take us West or East... we may leave at 18:00 or 21:30... there are no rules or limits!

The Northern Lights are one of the most beautiful phenomena that exist in this World! So, why not maximize your chances of seeing them by hunting them with us? And, the best part is that you will live a typical Arctic experience in an atypical manner: the hunt of the Northern Lights from both a scientific and a mystical approach!

There will be at least one stop in the wilderness, for drinking some hot beverages and hopefully seeing the magnificent Northern Lights overhead! It is also a good opportunity to learn more facts about the Aurora Borealis. Do you know what the "magnetic z component" is?

You will also learn how to photograph the Northern Lights with your camera, or even your smartphone.

And one final thing: as there are no rules or limits - we do accept special requests. Just contact us.

This activity runs only in winter, but with Aurora Labs, it is possible to experience the Northern Lights even in summer, by listening to them or by discovering them during a workshop dedicated entirely to the Aurora. And in winter, you can even combine the Northern Lights hunt with their hearing for a special price!

📆 Period:
From October 1 to March 20
🕗 Start time:
After dark
📌 Pick-up/Drop-off:
Your accommodation in Varanger
Minimum 3h
🚸 Activity type:
Group (2-7 persons)
Private (1-7 persons)
🚶 Difficulty:


Base price* 1790 NOK

*Base price includes:
- picking you up and dropping you off at your accommodation (in Vadsø, Ekkerøy or Vestre Jakobselv, or anywhere in-between),
- transportation during the whole activity,
- taking part in the activity,
- guidance and advice concerning the hunting of the Northern Lights,
- scientific information about the Northern Lights,
- tips for photographing the phenomenon,
- a hot beverage during a stop in the wilderness

*Base price does not include:
- extras mentioned on the price breakdown,
- snacks,
- other special equipment you might need,
- personal expenses