Learn the Aurora Workshop



Initiate yourself in the Aurora science, explained from scratch


Learn to explain the colours of the Northern Lights


Learn to interpret the auroral and weather forecasts


Understand the Aurora science with easy experiments


Attempt to earn your Northern Lights certification


Learn how to prepare to hunt the Aurora yourself

Become a scientist for one day, and experience the Northern Lights in a scientific and practical manner, during a fun and interactive workshop: discover what is the science behind the phenomenon through simple experiments (suitable even for the non-scientists!), predict the time and place where to hunt the Aurora, and learn how to photograph the Lights. And, if you want, after the workshop, try to earn your own Northern Lights certification!
Have you ever asked yourself what is all that scientific mumbo jumbo about the Northern Lights all about? Would you like that notions like "IMF Bz component", "planetary index", "Kp", or "Auroral Oval" start having a meaning for you? Then you need to take part in our workshop dedicated entirely to the Northern Lights!

During this workshop you will learn numerous scientific details about the Aurora Borealis: what causes it, how does it appear in the sky, why is it green or red, what parameters you need to take into account if you would like to chase it and many other interesting things! All through simple and interactive experiments.

All the scientific details are explained starting with the beginner level. So don't worry: there's no need for you to be a scientist and to know any magnetism or atmospheric physics in order to take part!

And, if you'd like, you can even get your own certification in the Northern Lights science! Learn more about the Aurora Labs certificates.

In function of the weather and season, the location of the workshop will vary (indoors during cold winters and rainy days, and outdoors during nice, warm summer days). And now you can carry out the Learn the Aurora Online workshop, anytime, anywhere!

📆 Period:
all year round
🕗 Start time:
Announced later
📌 Location:
Varies in function of the number of participants, their accommodation and season
About 3h
🚸 Activity type:
Group (4-12 persons)
Private (unlimited)
🚶 Difficulty:


Base price* 690 NOK

*Base price includes:
- taking part in the activity,
- exam,
- certification (optional)

*Base price does not include:
- picking you up and dropping you off at your accommodation,
- extras mentioned on the price breakdown,
- snacks or beverages,
- other special equipment you might need,
- personal expenses

Workshop location Announced later